Save Arnold Barn (SAB) is a community action group whose aim is to work constructively with the Owners, City entities, URAAC, Steamboat Ski Corporation, and other interested parties to preserve the iconic Arnold Barn and enable it to serve the Steamboat Springs community in the future.


  • Given the fragile condition of the barn, our immediate concern is to ensure the barn's survival through the winter of 2016/2017.
  • Our goal is adopt a plan and funding strategy agreed to by all parties for the preservation and future use of the barn by June 2017.
  • Our objective is to start work on the barn during the 2017 construction season.

Next Steps...


Structural Stabilization

The barn is in poor condition.  There is concern about its structural integrity and its ability to get through another Steamboat winter without severe damage.  SAB contacted structural engineer Lynn Kramer who made a brief study of the building and recommended immediate stabilization.

Sarah Fox of Fox Construction, Steamboat has given a reasonable price for doing the stabilization work this fall. As of early November, the City, the land owner and others are working out who will pay for the work.


Historic Report

SAB has commissioned a report from Humphries and Poli, architects, on the historic issues related to the Arnold Barn. In his letter of opinion, Dennis Humphries discusses the fragile current condition and notes the importance of stabilization. He states his agreement with SAB’s commitment to saving the Barn and feels that moving the building is the best solution.


Near Future of Arnold Barn

SAB was pleased by the recent news in Steamboat Today about the near future of the Barn.

SAB responded with the following letter to the editor:

“We are pleased with the report of the proposal given to City Council on February 28 (Steamboat Today, 2/28) regarding Ski Corp stepping in to help stabilize Arnold Barn. And we note the large financial contribution by the property owner and the developer.

This is a big positive step forward for the Barn and for the Steamboat preservation community.

We send our thanks to Ski Corp, to Wildhorse Land, and the Real Capital Solutions for their cooperation in this important endeavor.  We hope that the details can be worked out and that City Council can approve the final arrangement.

For the Save Arnold Barn Committee: Arianthé Stettner, Sally TeStrake, Bill Latoza, Candice Bannister, Stanzi Lucy, Paul Ferguson, Fred Hodder, Todd Hagenbuch, and Bill Dring.



Header Photo Credit: Gerarld Arnold via The Steamboat Pilot

Thank you to Fred Hodder for the use of his photos in the Gallery of this site. Thank you also to Arianthe Stettner and the Rod Hanna Collection for the use of photos as well.