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Update: What’s in store for the Arnold Barn in 2019?


The past year was an exciting one for the Arnold Barn and Steamboat Springs. After more than 12 years of planning and effort, the newly preserved Arnold Barn is in its new home! In 2019 the rest of the work on the site will be completed. This includes the installation of three interpretive signs, a new summer-time pedestrian path from the Steamboat Grand to the Barn, a soft surface trail and corral fencing around the Barn, landscaping, lighting, and more. Work begins after the snow melts.

After rescheduling the date of the move two times due to inclement weather, Bailey House Movers expertly lifted and moved the Barn onto its permanent foundation on October 18th, 2018. The Fox Construction team, including Duckels Construction, Giovonni Construction, and Flattops Steel Piering, prepared the foundation and access for the Barn’s new home, and restored the Barn’s original site after the move. Using best practices for historic preservation, Fox Construction’s crew reconstructed the missing historic windows, repaired or replaced the damaged siding and doors, and stabilized the entire structure to last for future generations. Berlet Roofing generously donated the labor and materials to repair the roof structure and replaced the battered metal roof with new roofing in the same configuration as the original.

We were delighted to learn from members of the Arnold family that the Barn’s new location is still on what was once original Arnold ranch. Their 160 property once extended from the Yampa Valley Medical Center to Pine Grove Road to the Tennis Center, and up the hill to include the Knoll and the Steamboat Grand. The Arnold Barn looks great in its new home.

Major funding for this effort came from the Steamboat Springs Redevelopment Authority, the governing body of the Mountain Urban Renewal Area, and was complemented by many generous donations from individuals and businesses. This project has taken more than 12 years of planning and advocating to become a reality. Save Arnold Barn sincerely thanks everyone for being part of this accomplishment.

The Arnold Barn has captivated the interest of many across the country. Click here to view press coverage of the barn and here to visit the photo gallery!



Save Arnold Barn (SAB) is a community action group whose aim is to work constructively with the City entities, URAAC, Steamboat Ski Corporation, and other interested parties to preserve and rehabilitate the iconic Arnold Barn and enable it to serve the Steamboat Springs community in the future.


  • To preserve and rehabilitate the Arnold Barn as an important piece of Steamboat history that honors the ranching community and is used as a vehicle for educating the public about local ranching
  • To serve as a demonstration of historic preservation’s economic benefits to our community
  • To be a teaching tool for how rehabilitation and material conservation are done in the field and to build the capacity to do this work with local talent
  • To be used as a wayfinding tool for the businesses, property owners, and guests in the ski base area.

The preservation/rehabilitation work on the Arnold Barn will be guided by the Secretary of the Interior Standards for Rehabilitation and the associated Guidelines for Historic Preservation.

Thank you for your interest in this important community initiative to Save Arnold Barn.

Photo credits to the Arnold Family, Fred Hodder, the Rodd Hanna collection, and Arianthe Stettner for the use of their photos in the Gallery of this site.